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TIGNUM X by Tignum

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Impact is never luck

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Greater load. More uncertainty. Higher speeds. In today's business world, ALWAYS ON is the new norm. But, guess what? No one cares about how busy you are. You're not getting paid for your time – you're getting paid for your judgment, your input, and ultimately, your impact.

When you enter a key meeting with the wrong mindset, you lose all of your potential. When you arrive unprepared, fatigued, or brain fogged, you don’t have the power to make an impact.

Multiply Your Impact

Built from the ground up for business professionals, TIGNUM X is a tool that enables you to create the energy, resilience, sustainability, and mental agility to maximize your impact in today's complex and fast-moving business environment.

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What Works

In the information age, it's practically impossible to tell what works, or more importantly, what works for you. That's why our teams of performance experts have done the research and made their insights accessible. We've done the homework so you can put it to work for you. You'll learn scientifically-based performance strategies that have been tested and endorsed by thousands of top performers around the globe.

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Design Your Self-Image

The foundation of your habits, your performance, and your impact is your self-image. You can’t outperform a weak or false self-image, which is why we created a feature in TIGNUM X to help you to create an exciting and powerful self-image with just a few taps. You'll get a clear picture of you at your best both at work and at home. That ToBeVision will help you to make better choices every day.

Get Ready For Your Moments

TIGNUM X shows you how to achieve your optimal performance state, plan the right recovery, transition from meeting to meeting, and prepare your brain for Peak Performances. A meeting, a presentation, a long distance trip, a special date – TIGNUM X is there to help you arrive at your best.

Track Your Impact

TIGNUM X is able to calculate your Impact Readiness thanks to intelligent data tracking, smart algorithms, and a thorough understanding of the elements that impact your performance. With its advanced data visualization, TIGNUM X can show you where you are, where you've been, and how you compare to others just like you.

After more than 15 years of experience working with top performers from Fortune 500 companies, elite athletes, and special forces members,

TIGNUM X is the result
of our obsession
to help you
rule your impact.

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