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Impact is never luck - especially in the complex, volatile, and uncertain business environment. When we enter a key event with the wrong mindset, we lose all of our potential.

When we come unprepared, fatigued, or brain fogged, we don't have the power to make an impact.

We are the major performance building block for business professionals, designed around a skill- and data-based approach that respects the individuality, focuses on the brain, evolves constantly, and creates lasting impact.

Our international team comes from a wide range of fields, including human behavior, elite athletics, special forces, performance medicine, executive coaching, change consultants, and more.

Our powerful and unique approach to Sustainable High Impact has three levels:


Finally, we prepare you in an entirely strategic and individual way so you can deliver the best results during your most demanding and critical must-win events that you face every day, every week, and every year (both at work and away from work).


Then, we help you optimize your performance so that you have the same focus and ability to impact at 4:00 pm as you did at 9:00 am. This means you are more engaged in the things that really matter.


We evaluate and improve the performance of your body’s organ systems because this is the foundation of performance.

Based on our solid methodology, our highly talented team, and our 55 proven strategies, we have the ability to customize our programs based on your team’s unique demands. We offer a suite of diverse solutions to help all types of clients and teams.

The one thing we never compromise is that our solutions must lead to lasting impact. We are not a lunch and learn company.


Get more done in less time, have more clarity, and connect better with those around you.


Perform at a high level all day - both at work and away from work.


Improve your impact at high-stake events.


Be in excellent condition with less pain, less fatigue, less muscle tension, and even less jet lag.


Track your performance and impact to benchmark yourself over time.


At work and away from work - today and tomorrow.

Our clients are hard working, highly intelligent, high achieving business professionals from all sectors of business, all types of companies, and all walks of life.

While they are often discerning and occasionally skeptical, they are also open to achieving their full potential so that they can Rule Their Impact.

We have been involved in many Leadership Development projects from leading business schools around the world. Some of the business schools we have collaborated with are...

> Stanford

> Harvard

> Wharton

> Duke

> London School of Business


> Case Western

> Thunderbird School of Global Management

We created TIGNUM Thoughts as our way to share our bi-weekly insights and client stories. It has grown to now include articles by all our world-class coaches to help you see how TIGNUM strategies are applied to real-world experiences.

It also helps you learn how to analyze what's happening around you (whether it's the latest media hype or cutting-edge research) from our Sustainable High Performance point of view.

Asking for Help - A Key to SHP
Over the years, as we travel around the world working with all types of executives from companies of every size across multiple sectors, we've often been asked the question: “What are the differences you notice between those who truly become Sustainable High Performers...
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The World Cup Productivity Program
Every four years, the World Cup arrives and people start screaming. Some are screaming because their team scored that critical goal, some are screaming because their team lost a game, some are screaming at the officials, and some are even screaming at the estimated $3.5 to $14 billion of lost productivity the games are projected to create.
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Travel Immunity
Traveling is always stressful and can challenge your body's ability to function. The seasonal changes can bring on allergies, security is tighter than ever, and more and more flights are oversold or have added layovers....
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To be at the forefront of human performance and Sustainable High Impact, we created the TIGNUM Lab. This is where we bring in new science, try new strategies, challenge our own thinking, and look at what the future could bring.

Within our TIGNUM Lab sits our Science Innovation Board. This allows us to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost performance experts in neuroscience, sleep science, brain and gut nutrition, performance medicine, performance psychology, exercise physiology, jet lag, and more. These members are carefully selected for their unique expertise and drive to integrate with other human performance experts. Each member shares TIGNUM’s mission to create impact in the world with the most advanced human performance techniques, technology, and insights.

To complement our scientific experts and make sure our solutions are optimal, we also draw on guidance from innovation experts, data analysts, and communication experts. We passionately listen to what our clients have to say. We value our clients' feedback and suggestions, and this allows us to develop even better solutions.

Scott Peltin, MS
Co-Founder, Chief Performance Officer of TIGNUM
Dr. John Ratey, PhD
Professor at Harvard, Author of Spark, Expert on Movement for the Brain
Dr. Brandon Marcelo
Human Performance Expert with Doctorate in Nutrition
Dr. Guido Simonelli
Medical Doctor and Sleep Expert at Walter Reed
Dr. Debbie Crews
Researcher and Performance Psychologist
Dr. David LeMay
Functional Performance Medicine Expert
Professor Mark Cropley
Occupational Psychologist and Recovery Expert
Joe Gomes, MS
Head of Performance at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition