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Scott Peltin

I am a founder of TIGNUM and the Chief Performance Officer. I believe in the art and science of helping high performers get even better, for longer, when it counts the most.

Jogi Rippel

I am a founder of TIGNUM and the CEO – where the “E” stands equally for “executive” (I make sure we move successfully in the right direction) and “engineering” (my passion is to build authentic, sustainable, and meaningful impact).

Pieter Christiian van Oranje

I am a founder of TIGNUM, a philanthropist, and a marathoner. My job is to find those special leaders who understand how valuable Sustainable High Performance is and connect them with TIGNUM.

Paul Preston

I am a partner in TIGNUM and was previously a client. Working with TIGNUM gave me the executional stamina, mental agility and resilience I needed to win in situations where high performance was non-negotiable. My passion today is to persuade leaders to give their critical teams the same.

Nizar Kais

I am the CTO at TIGNUM. I build the architecture of our QOT platform and our IT solutions so that TIGNUM can Rule Our Impact. I lead the team that may be invisible on the outside but is the nervous system of everything we do.

Chris Males

I am the TIGNUM Director of Performance Coaching with a passion for high performance from the cricket pitch to the boardroom. I enjoy sharing our message and hearing of the high impact we have with our clients.

Karen Chaney

I am the TIGNUM Director of Project Management who enjoys working with our clients around the world to create and execute customized solutions flawlessly. My motivation comes from the lasting impact our programs have on each individual we work with and my enthusiastic team.

Marco Gatti

I am the Brand Director at TIGNUM. I use my passion for design to maximize our impact throughout all of our touchpoints. I love seeing a finished product that is beautiful, emotional, and functional.

Patti Milligan

I am an original member of the TIGNUM team as well as the Director of Performance Nutrition. I love to create that “aha” moment when our clients taste the link between what they eat and how they perform.

Angela Walker

I am a Performance Specialist in the area of Performance Nutrition. Feeding the brain and body right to maximize your reach is my passion.

Clemens Joos

I am a Performance Specialist who brings my CEO experience to help our clients develop the Sustainable High Performance they need to succeed. I also enjoy my tractor time on my farm as the best recovery.

Dirk Strauß

I am a system architect at TIGNUM. I build the platform that becomes the foundation for our team to bring their creative ideas to life. I love tackling the toughest challenges. "Doing the impossible" is my passion.

Dan Haller

I am part of the Business Development Team and engineer solutions to support our clients on more levels.

Helen Lynam

I am a TIGNUM Performance Nutrition who loves to create customized ways to help our clients reach their full potential.


We help our team get up, get moving, and stay creative. Throw us a ball, and we'll do the same for you.

Hasan Jiwad Rifaat

I am a product manager on our digital team and I help us challenge our assumptions so we can constantly improve all of our products. My passion is constant improvement.

Gabi Kapeller

I am a Project Manager who helps our programs run flawlessly so that we can maximize our impact. I love watching people transform as they become Sustainable High Performers.

Jake Marx

I am part of our impact team, so I am always looking for ways we can grow our technology and our content to provide the greatest impact to our clients. I also run TIGNUM Inside, which helps our high performance team be their best.

Javier Sanz

I am an iOS Developer at TIGNUM. I turn ideas into solutions with the touch of a finger. My passion is helping our clients have a coach in their pocket that can help them Rule Their Impact.

Tuan Tran

I am part of the Business Development Team and work on future solutions and services. Most of them are still secrets, but I promise they are exciting.

Matthias Büttner

I am a Software Architect at TIGNUM. I create my beauty on the inside of our tech platforms where most of you will never see it. What you will see is high performance in our products and services driven by the best designed and implemented software. You can thank me later.

Sameer Kulkarni

I am a Senior Software Engineer at TIGNUM. I deliver High Performance code that enriches the TIGNUM tech platform. When our clients are successful because our QOT platform helped them it makes me smile.

Luis Fernández

I am the inquisitive tech geek who loves exploring and implementing new features into everything digital and technical at TIGNUM. I hate status quo, and I love how bright the future is in technology.

Kathy Paul

I am part of the project management team. I love seeing a program run flawlessly so that our clients can get the most out of every minute of their TIGNUM experience.

Susanne Lurger

I am a Performance Specialist with a passion for helping clients link their Performance Mindset, their Performance Recovery, and their ability to Rule Their Impact.

Brian Wade

I am a Performance Specialist with a specialty in cognitive performance and delivering the best Performance Mindset possible in must win situations. I love helping performers from business, military special operations, and athletics Rule Their Impact.

Lutz Graumann

I am the Director of Performance Medicine, and I have a passion for Sustainable High Performance. I oversee all of the investigative testing and research while helping our clients feel and perform their best.

Kyrin Hall

I am a Performance Specialist with a specialty in nutrition (PhD), recovery, and movement. I help our clients optimise their performance with bite-sized strategies to Rule their Impact. An endurance athlete and yogi.

Michael Karbe

I am an iOS Developer at TIGNUM. I take great pride in writing beautiful and efficient code. Creating a positive user experience in the digital age makes me happy. I love pushing myself every day to be a better version of myself while always having fun along the way.

Christian Uhl

I am a Performance Specialist with a speciality in Performance Mindset and a passion for every aspect of performance. From olympic athletes to successful executives, I know that where the mindset goes, the performance flows.

Christoph von Oldershausen

I am part of the TIGNUM performance medical team. As an exercise physiologist and performance coach, I love to connect diagnostic data with science-based training solutions.

Racheal Colbert

If you need to talk to our Chief Performance Officer or help with bringing TIGNUM to your team, I am your go-to contact. I support the TIGNUM leadership to do more, be more, and impact more people.

Taylor Palmer

I am the manager of our content. I edit, compile, aggregate, write, and love our TIGNUM content so it can go out in the world and change lives.

Sanggeon Park

I am an iOS Software Architect who loves to optimise processes and performance at TIGNUM. I don't hate to make questions about what I cannot understand well.

Robin Müller-Schober

I am a Performance Specialist who has helped top executives move better, have more energy, and perform better for many years. I love helping clients achieve something they didn't think was possible.

Robin Marc Jünger

I am the cross media designer at TIGNUM. I have a passion for designing and developing solutions for our clients and our team.

Yujin Lee

I am part of the medical team at TIGNUM. As a registered nurse, I perform investigative tests and analyze performance data to help our team provide tailored solutions to our clients.

Yvonne Baur

I am the financial manager of TIGNUM and my job is to keep us in the black.

Oliver Lewis-Roberts

I am a Performance Specialist with an extensive background in management and leadership development. I love to develop people’s performance through their mindset - helping people achieve their potential with proven methods and passion.

Maria Uhl

I am a Performance Specialist who helps our clients understand the hidden power of their Performance Mindset. I love to read minds and challenge boundaries.