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Traveling is always stressful and can challenge your body's ability to function. The seasonal changes can bring on allergies, security is tighter than ever, and more and more flights are oversold or have added layovers. Today, we can go from Frankfurt to Bangkok in just 12 hours. While that may be great news for us personally and professionally, our bodies are exposed to more than 500 different types of bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi that it may not be prepared for in those 12 short hours. It’s no wonder that many times you feel tired, have gastrointestinal discomfort, or feel congested when you fly... Read more


One of the biggest challenges executives face today is trying to be your best every day at work. An even bigger challenge is trying to be your best at home. This is exacerbated if you are a parent since kids rarely understand how your work demands have somehow left you fatigued. Almost every parent that I coach starts off our calls with, "Forget about work; what I really struggle with is not snapping at my kids when I get home."... Read more


The term entrepreneur is thrown around a lot these days. Being entrepreneurial is a sought-after trait that has become synonymous with being adventurous, problem-solving, risk-taking, world-changing, and a thought leader. Even within the teams we work with, people are encouraged to be more entrepreneurial.... Read more


When I think of the skills that make up a Performance Mindset, there is one that most people rarely think of but is one of the most critical. It's so critical that some call it a mentality - an entire way of thinking. This skill is the ability to embrace uncertainty... Read more


You are on the road. It's snowing or raining outside. There's either no gym or the hotel gym you do have could fit into your bathroom, yet you want to enjoy all of the immediate benefits of movement (decreased anxiety/depression, increased growth hormone, boosted immune function, improved sleep, and enhanced creativity). Where could you go? One great place is the stairwell... Read more


Is there anything worse than being criticized? You work so hard on a project or proposal, you put together your best presentation, or you reach out to a colleague to ask for their opinion hoping to get accolades but instead get criticism. Being a person who writes a lot (blogs, a book, articles, etc.), presents in front of others often, and puts some new thoughts and approaches out there, I have felt the sting of receiving criticism from others... Read more